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Ready4Change Monica Berger médiation coaching entreprise RH





Monica is a talented, bright and inspiring person whose positive level of energy, enthusiasm, way of thinking and integrating approach will always carry you forward and open your horizon with new perspectives. Her sense of engagement, self-awareness, listening capabilities her strong ability to synthesize made her an essential partner to work with. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Monica several years and I strongly recommend anyone who is looking to walk the extra mile in her private of professional path to contact her. She will be the one guiding you through to explore and find your solutions!

I really appreciated the "human" side brought out by Monica during interviews or other coaching sessions. Her extensive experience not only in human resources but also in coaching makes Monica a person who will be efficient while always being an active listener. In addition, her good humor and her positivity are assets that I particularly appreciate.

Monica has been with me lately. Her listening, her clear vision, her patience, her benevolent refocusing during our exchanges, her professionalism, her sincerity, her humanity, her empathy, her questions aroused in me, her frankness and approach have enabled me to move forward to positive outcomes at my own pace.

Humanity and efficiency are the first two words that come to mind to describe Monica. Monica was my coach to help me determine a professional project and regain self-confidence. I was impressed by her approach and her way of targeting my strengths and weaknesses. More than professional qualities, it is the human dimension in her way of managing the coaching relationship that I emphasize.

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