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Mediation is an effective way to deal with conflict situations. This type of service is useful to any person or group that finds itself in a conflictual situation and wishes to get out of it.

The purpose of mediation is to facilitate communication, restore a long-term relationship, clarify and resolve a conflict. As a neutral and impartial third party, I offer a safe space for dialogue that allows participants to explore the solutions that best meet their needs.



  • Voluntary CONFLICT RESOLUTION process, fast and financially advantageous.


  • Efficient way to reach mutual agreement, the mediation’s participants develop their own solutions allowing relationships to be preserved. 


  • A positive alternative to legal proceedings, that PRESERVES RELATIONSHIPS.

Mediation can save you from an expensive lawsuit and relationship damage

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The mediator is neither a judge, nor a conciliator. He acts as a neutral, impartial and independent stakeholder , supporting the mediation’s participants find a mutual agreement to their dispute. A Mediator treats information confidentially and never appears as a witness in subsequent legal proceedings.


Mediation is provided by an experienced and independent third party (mediator), who structures the process of finding a tailor-made solution.


  • Preliminary interview with the client

  • Interviews with the mediated parties (about 60 minutes per interview)

  • From 3 to 6 sessions of 2 hours organized with the mediated parties, in order to identify and implement a mutual agreement and pragmatic solution.

LOCATION  - Our offices are 15 minutes from Neuchâtel, on your premises or by videoconference

LANGUAGES - French, English, Portuguese

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